Types of Delivery

  • Normal (more than 1 hour)
  • Express (less than 1 hour)
  • Premium (room delivery | less than 1 hour)

Delivery Charges

  • Normal delivery: RM 3.5 (delivery charges) + RM 0.8 (per item)
  • Express delivery: RM 6.5 (delivery charges) + RM 0.8 (per item)
  • Premium delivery: RM 9.0 (delivery charges) + RM 1.3 (per item)

NEW TERMS (Effective 26 September 2019)

Any orders that reach 1 hour 40 minutes will be given FREE DELIVERY CHARGES** **(subject to conditions)


  • Any orders that have MCD,KFC,SUBWAY,Mamak and TEALIVE will only be given free delivery charges if exceeds 2 hour
  • Any changes made to the order (eg: unavailability of menu,addition) will be be counted AFTER the changes made (eg: Ali placed an order at 10 pm and change was made at 10.15 pm.. The time considered as order made will be on 10.15pm)
  • FREE DELIVERY only for the delivery charges (charge per item NOT INCLUDED)

Please note that the website will automatically calculate the total delivery charges inclusive per item charges in the shipping segment